Wellness Wednesday

Incorporating Yoga movement into everyday life for kids

How to ease your child into daily yoga practice

Gone are the days when the only way to build strength was through gym training. Yoga has become not only a way to improve mental wellbeing but has proven physical attributes to contribute to strength and stability.

The benefits of yoga for children

As children are naturally flexible, yoga will help in promoting and improving posture whilst children learn to use all their muscles in new unique ways.

Whether sitting, standing or lying down, each pose helps to challenge a muscle group whilst your child becomes aware of their body and how it effectively functions. This is return builds self-esteem and develops a child’s sense of wonder of confidence. When a child eventually masters a pose, this gives him/her a sense of gratitude which is all attached to their personal self-development.

Practicing yoga poses daily helps to encourage children to clear their mind. In essence, this then helps children to achieve and perform better in daily activities.

The mental benefits

Yoga helps to calm the mental spirit which will be beneficial for making mindful decisions. Studies have shown that Yoga has benefits for children with Autism and ADHA which has proven to reduce aggressive behaviour, hyper-activity and withdrawal. Yoga has also been a key indicator for a reduce in stress and anxiety as-well as assisting children in concentrating better in the things that matter the most.

Below we have included simple Yoga poses that your child can incorporate to assist in their overall wellbeing. 

1. Downward Facing Dog
Relieves stress and energizes the body
Stretches the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, arches, and hands.
Can be great for kids with indigestion or digestive problems

2. Plank Pose


Strengthens and tones the core muscles (Abs, chest and lower back)
Strengthens arms, wrists, shoulders and muscles surrounding the spine

Helps to improve posture

3. Warrior 2
Opens your chest and lungs
Improves balance and stability
Improves blood circulation

4. Lord Of The DanceBenefits:
Gives the ability to develop flexibility
Strengthens ankles, legs, thighs and chest
Helps to lose weight and improve metabolism