Meet Our Ambassador, Jo Pratt

Cheesy chive mash scones

Quick, easy to make, and delicious for lunch or a snack.

Veggie Peel Crisps

Waste not want not... once you’ve tried these, you’ll never let any root vegetable peelings be thrown out again!

Choccy banana & strawberry bites

Sweet and simple treats!

Couscous Salad

A salad that's great to have as a main, side dish or even bring along to picnics.

Tomato and Bean Salad

Delicious, light, fresh. The ideal summer salad!

Eggy Veggie Picnic Muffins

A quick and easy snack ideal for picnics!

Buster Banana's Breakfast Smoothie!

The perfect smoothie for breakfast (Or whenever you fancy it!)

Summer Cooler Smoothie!

A delicious smoothie recipe perfect for the summer!

Honey Roasted Carrot Hummus

Delicious, sweet and healthy!

Very Berry Smoothie

It’s time to get groovy...

With our delicious berry smoothie!

Christopher Corn Muffins

Super tasty snack, ideal for after school pick ups! 

Carla's Dip

A rainbow of vegetables and magical dip

Sammy's smoothie

Perfect for hot summer days

Buster's porridge

Simple to make Porridge recipe

Watermelon Pizza

Yummy fresh summer pizza