Nutrition Corner

Meet our child nutrition expert, Maria Tait.

How to keep a sliced apple fresh!

Next time you slice an apple, try this trick to keep it fresh!

Walking for Wellness!

Did you know walking can improve our wellbeing? Read more to find out how.


We have an exercise to get your facial muscles working!

Float or sink?

Why not play our game and find out which fruits and veggies sink or float?

Magic Words

The magic of showing kindness and gratitude!

Health Swaps

Making little health swaps to improve our wellness!

Morning Routine

Why should we have a morning routine?

Happy Thoughts

Learn about journaling and happy thoughts!

The Wonder Of Mushrooms

Learn some fun facts about mushrooms and the sunshine vitamin!

The Magic Five

Five magic ways to improve your wellness!

Mother's Day Pancakes

Healthy Mother's Day Pancakes

Mood Swings

Understanding Mood swings versus deficiencies

Wellness Wednesday

Incorporating Yoga movement into everyday life for kids.