It’s been proven that meditation helps increase focus and concentration, as well as reduce anxiety and stress. With so much going on in the world, it’s important for each of us to take even just 5 minutes of our day to reset, rejuvenate and start over.


Why is it important for kids to meditate?


Children’s brains run at a hundred miles an hour, which is why their brains are tired. Children of all ages need time out of their day to simply unplug, relax and focus. Meditation offers the opportunity for kids to function effectively to give a boost in productivity.  


You can start a meditation program for your child from as young as 5 years old. This will form a habit which they can then hopefully take into adulthood.


What are some ways to get your child to meditate?


Here are some basic steps to introduce meditation to your chid:


  1. Sit/lie down in a comfortable position and close your eyes
  2. Play some relaxing music in the background or even use a guided meditation
  3. Take a few deep breaths, inhale and exhale a few times
  4. Gently release all the tension that has been built up from within the day






What are the long-term benefits of meditation?


The long-term benefits of meditation are a boost in productivity, which is essence assists with multi-tasking this even works within adulthood also. Daily meditation will help the ability to perform better at work. It helps clear out our mind to focus on the here and now.