Health Swaps

Today we are going to talk about “Health Swaps”

Do you know what this could mean?

A health swap is when you swap one habit for a healthier one. For example, one habit may be watching a lot of TV. You can make a health swap here and choose to perhaps read a little of a book or do a fun activity like colouring! 🌈

We are going to share a few so you may find one you do like. 😁

Here is our list. …

Screen time (too much maybe) πŸ“±
Swap ↔️
A fun activity that involves time away from your screens, maybe a park walk? Painting? A puzzle? Anything you like that doesn’t involve your devices. 🌳

Not getting enough sleep πŸ₯±
Swap ↔️
Try and go to sleep earlier one day a week to start, maybe that can be the day you sleep earlier than the rest of the week. Or maybe try going to bed 10 minutes earlier every day and gradually increase this time. Health swaps are personal and should be whatever works for you. 😴

Not eating enough vegetables πŸ₯¦
Swap ↔️
Make vegetables exciting and tasty by creating some fun recipes that our wonderful chef 'Jo Pratt' has on our website! πŸ₯™

A swap is all about swapping habits for new healthier ones. Making small and subtle health swaps can have a big impact on you and make you happier in the long term. 😁

The best part is you can choose your own health swaps, this makes those little swaps much more achievable.

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  • Small health swaps can have big healthy impacts!