How to keep a sliced apple fresh

Today we have a little Saturday Kitchen tip for you!

How to store sliced apples so that they remain fresh. 🍏

There's nothing worse than brown apple slices, so next time you want to take a sliced apple in your lunch box, try this clever hack.

Help your little ones slice the apple using a small sharp knife. Cut the apple into slices around the core, then immediately return all of the pieces together forming the original apple shape, including the core.

Take a clean elastic/rubber band and wrap it around the middle of the apple holding the pieces together so it looks just like the original apple. Now that the air can’t get to the cut apple slices, they won’t go brown or rattle around in your lunch box getting bruised. Clever eh?! 😁

We hope this tip comes in handy!

  • No more brown apples!